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Civil & Structural Engineering

Townsend Engineering is a responsive firm with ample expertise in civil and structural engineering projects. Our project schedules and final costs are carefully monitored. Cost estimates are calculated based on our library of information reflecting current costs and product information.

Townsend Engineering is always willing to discuss actual project cost upfront. Our fee schedule is based on time and materials expended, or in some cases as a "not-to-exceed" or "lump sum" contracts. For minor projects, performing desired engineering services are typically on an hourly fee and materials expended basis. Our Rate Schedule designates rates by what type of professional service is rendered. For larger projects, which may involve outside funding sources, a written agreement is completed that indicates a not-to-exceed total fee invoiced on a time and materials basis that conforms to our current Rate Schedule. As a normal practice, Townsend Engineering does not mark up the costs of outside sub-consultation such as photo grammatical, geotechnical, or architectural services.

Townsend Engineering makes significant efforts to minimize expenses related to design and means of construction. Our Project Engineers will discuss compatible alternatives that may result in project savings with the client and any regulatory agencies involved with the project.

The Townsend Team

Currently, Townsend Engineering provides services for private, institutional and municipal clients in east central Iowa. Our services have ranged from small residential projects to large commercial subdivisions.

Our staff is experienced in a wide range of water, wastewater, drainage, subdivision design and transportation engineering projects. The employees of Townsend Engineering are organized into two "teams"- the civil/municipal engineering team and the land development/surveying team. Both teams work together and are assisted by our support staff in coordinating all projects. The civil/municipal engineering team prepares designs and confers with IDNR and/or IDOT on design requirements, solicits all necessary environmental and archeological clearances, prepares plans and specifications for competitive bidding of the project and provides construction inspection and testing throughout the construction process.

The land development team is involved in various types of surveys, right-of-way work and the design and construction of subdivisions. They have technical skills in surveying, roadway design, public utility layouts, drainage evaluations and solutions and right-of-way issues.

Why Townsend Engineering?

  • Been there Done that! Over 70 years of combined experience
  • Smaller firm means a more personal touch and satisfactory service
  • State of the art equipment
  • Fresh perspectives from staff
  • Unlike some other firms, we do NOT markup outside consultants work
  • Save Money!  Our Engineers will advise you on ways to save money by using alternate materials